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Professional Standards for IT In Education
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Supporting the development of technical support staff

At theEducationCollective We are passionate about supporting the development of all support staff working in education.

One of the ways we have attempted to do this is to produce a set of professional standards for IT technical staff such as IT Technicians, IT Network Managers and IT Operations Managers.

These standards can be used both as a benchmark to help staff identify potential areas for development, but also to support those who line manage IT technical staff in schools with understanding what could be appropriate performance management targets and CPD routes.

The standards can also be used as the basis of both a skills audit and to help draw up potential job descriptions or person specifications.

These standards are offered as is and with no charge, however we do ask that full credit is always referenced if shared with others - this is to help make sure that any feedback is always channeled back to us so that amendments can be universally adopted.

We would also be very disappointed to hear if these standards were used to hold someone directly to account, the spirit of these standards is to support a mutual and benchmarked understanding of what could be expected from individuals and teams undertaking these roles and to help the individuals to develop.

The Standards

Click on the link above to download the standards

Need a Bit More?

As well as providing the standards, we also provide additional support to schools with mentoring, CPD and performance management appraisals of IT professionals in education. We understand how difficult it can be to challenge and support technical staff in areas that you do not have expertise.

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